Saturday, 1 February 2014

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How do you put a limit?

I'm not exactly sure.

I tried doing that this week; a situation that was becoming uncomfortable for me needed to be defined, brought into the light, exposed.

Fear. I hate putting limits.

I fear limits because they are a LIMINAL SPACE. When I put a limit, I'm not creating a line that separates us, what's yours from what's mine; what I am in fact doing is creating a space, a space over which I yet have no control, a place where we will meet, you and I, without knowing what is yours and what is mine, a place that we will have to map out together, a threshold. It is the threshold of change.

Putting limits is creating space.
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When I can't distinguish between parts it's because they are amalgamated, confused one with the other. Since there is no space between them I can't know in what direction each is meant to go.

This is true in all spheres: with myself, with other people, and even with the parts of my own body (if I can't distinguish the space between my sitting-bone and my leg, I can't give each the space it needs to express itself fully according to its function).

What happens then?

One of the parts dominates, its direction overruns all other possibilities according to its own habit, with no consideration for any other part involved in the matter.

Oh my! What a nuisance!

Then, because this leaves no one very happy, the 'weaker' part digs its heals in and entrenches itself in its position; instead of a limit, it creates a wall that says, "I don't like what you do, so this is as far as you go. And that's it!" That is not 'putting a limit', that is a severance in the communication process! One part has withdrawn from contact with the other.

Fear of contact is fear of fusion, it's fear of the limit, it's not comprehending that everything has its place according to the grand design. Fear of contact, fear of limits, is fear of not having things clear for a while and having to hold that space of no-rules.

A limit is a portal, it's Mercury's realm, a threshold, a place of no clear rules, where the old dissolves to become the new; a place where there seem to be no rules because we don't know them yet, because we nee to live in and hold that space for a while until we find its own wonderful logic. A limit is the realm of the divine 'trickster'.

With Mercury in retrograde (or so I'm told by fellows adept in astrology) communication and limits have been issues for me in these past few weeks.

How has it been for you?
How do you manage limits?
Tell me, I'd love to know.


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