I’m a mind & movement instructor.

I teach athletes and movement enthusiasts of all levels and disciplines how to achieve greater precision, efficiency, and elegance in their movements, and avoid injury through a better integration and coordination of their minds, bodies and emotional states.

I do this through individual and group lessons that teach you how to:
  • Fine tune your conceptual and sensory body map to recover all your movement range (because to move a leg, you need to know what a leg really is, and how to sense this ‘real’ leg in your body).
  • Re-coordinate your mind-body relationship to achieve correct sequential muscle activations (because for your body to do what you want it to, it needs clear instructions from your mind).
  • Get into the right frame of mind to deal with challenges to your equilibrium (because new challenges require shifts in your perspective, and the ability to do so in mind, body and spirit).

Why do I do this?
Because it is possible to bliss out just from the sheer, sensual joy of living in your moving body.

If you are interested in working with me, contact me about lessons and workshops.


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