Saturday, 1 February 2014

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"How far do you think I can go with lessons?" A student asked me this question the other day.

"Well, how far do you want to go?", I asked her.

The Technique has taken me to places beyond the reaches of my imagination. I'm a confirmed optimist when it comes to the reach and breath of the Work. It has helped me change profoundly in ways I couldn't fathom before, because the places I reached were beyond the known for me at the time.

So, how far can you go with lessons? 

Once again I reply, how far down the rabbit hole do you really want to go?

It all hinges on how much self-responsibility you are willing to take up. 

If you go for 100% responsibility be prepared for a full paradigm shift, your way of experiencing life, your way of being in this world is about to be challenged, the core of your self-limited identity is about to be put into question.

The TA can help you transform your perspective on life as a whole. Any simple act, be it standing, sitting, drinking, can take on a whole new meaning. The end, or act itself, takes second place to the sheer experience of performing it from a new standpoint. As a student and good friend of mine said today, "This work challenges my identitiy; I'm bigger, taller, more powerful; I never thought that squatting could be such an illuminating experience."


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