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Why do I always react in the same wacko-way when I have told myself I’d do it different next time?

Why is it that I sometimes wake up early, get dressed, have breakfast, grab my bag and keys and am half way down to the bus stop when I realize…. “Something’s wrong, there’s no one on the street… Dang it! It’s Saturday! I could’ve slept in!” ?

Why is it that I only remember that I meant to do something different when I’m halfway doing the same-old, same-old?
Has something like the above ever happened to you? Did you wonder what’s wrong with you that you couldn’t even remember what you’d decided you’d do two minutes ago?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just human (unless of course, you think that’s what’s wrong with you… and you’d much rather have been a dog, a bird, a fairy… or God).

So anyway, why does it have to be this way?

Habits. Your brain LOVES habits. Habits allow it to put your whole system on autopilot, which saves it a tone of energy. Thinking (real thinking…the type that actually transforms your brain by laying down new neurological pathways) is hard work for the brain… because building things from scratch takes longer than using premade stuff (don’t blame the brain… next time you call for a pizza instead of actually cooking your own food cause you’re too tired to think about what to make for dinner you’re doing the same).

Not all habits are bad. Some are splendid little elves that help you get great work done in a jiffy without having to even think about it.

But some are pesky little gremlins that have long expired their utility, but have become quite at home in your brain and have no intention of moving out until you go after them in earnest. 

The Alexander Technique helps you fight pesky little habit-gremlins.

The Alexander Technique works at helping you keep your head on (literally) by being aware of habits kicking-in in your body… and so giving you the chance to remember what you really wanted to do.

How does this happen?

Your body is one of the best doors into the present. As opposed to your mind, which is constantly jumping from the past into the future and back again, your body is always in the Now.

If you get into the habit (the helpful-elfin type) of routinely scanning your body for tension-habit-gremlins, you can get an early heads-up (literally) when the gremlin shows the tips of its horny ears; so you get to remember to stop before plunging head-first (literally) and acting out your habitual (gremlin-driven) reaction.

In other words, as you become more aware of your body, you can feel your habitual tensions kick-in before they completely obnubilate your thinking. This allows you to stop and think…summon your higher thinking and self-regulating capacities, and stop yourself from plunging into your habitual reactions.

End result: Happier you because YOU get to decide what to do.

You can even decide to embrace the gremlin anyway… cause it’s easier and you’re tired and you just don’t have the willpower reserves right now to navigate the situation consciously… But at least you get to decide that for yourself, so that makes dealing with the consequences less traumatic.

That’s just for starters.

As you become better at this “stopping before you put your foot in it”, and you practice your preferred reaction when you’ve got the cognitive strength to do so, you gradually make the preferred reaction your default (you’re transforming the horny gremlin into a helpful elf).

And since it is also making your physical movements a lot easier and more enjoyable… it is kicking up your potential in all sorts of areas (think sports, arts, hobbies… anything really that requires you to move a part of your body). This makes you even happier… and more happy people makes for a happier world.

(BTW, it also makes you look good… and who doesn’t like that? And it makes you taller and more elegant… which, when you barely scratch the 5’2’’ mark like I do, is quite definitely a plus).

So what are you waiting for? Come get yourself a slice of the happiness-pie!

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