Victoria Stanham wants to live in a world where everyone has the ability to freely translate between their physical, mental and emotional resources, to create the best possible conditions for themseleves.
As an Alexander Technique teacher (STAT certified), Pilates Method instructor and avid independent scholar of the mind-body relationship, she teaches all types and levels of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to make the most of their physical and mental resources in their chosen movement sphere (dance, tai-chi, yoga, pilates, fitness, hockey, and more).
When she’s not teaching, you can find her reading up on the latest neuroscience discoveries that deal with mind-body relationship, using her daily Pilates and Functional Training workouts to experiment on herself what she’ll then teach, or lying about in the sun, doing nothing, while a million new fascinating ideas stir up a storm in her mind in preparation for her next mind-body investigation.
Her latest blog post on what’s keeping her mind & body busy hits the internet every Friday.
To find out more about the type of work she does click here, or contact her about private lessons.


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